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Kinley Construction Surpasses 1.7 Million Hours of Incident-Free Industrial Fueling Work

Firm maintains strong safety record with results including Aviation, Railroad, Energy and Government Projects.

ARLINGTON, TX – (Mar 1, 2023) Kinley Construction has extended its continued outstanding construction industry safety reputation, officially surpassing 1.7 million hours of incident-free industrial construction work since July, 2017.

“Safety is the top priority for our company. We’re very proud of the long and outstanding safety record our employees have upheld through hard work and compassion for others,” Jimmy Kinley, CEO of Kinley Construction, stated, “We realize with safety, there is no ‘finish line.’ We must be diligent in emphasizing, focusing and practicing safety every day to ensure the well-being of our employees and their families. For that reason, every employee in our company has the authority to stop work for any reason. We encourage them to use that authority whenever necessary.”

Kinley has delivered a consistently excellent reputation and record in safety, covering fueling infrastructure projects in aviation, rail, energy, and government. Since 2018, Kinley has recorded an annual Experience Modification Rating (EMR), a standard measurement for construction safety, of well under the industry-accepted rating of one/1. Furthermore, the firm has recorded a 0/zero rating for both Total Case Incident Rate and OSHA’s DART rate (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred).

“I’m pleased the organization has performed so well as it’s reflective of our commitment to safety,” said Roy Crocker, Corporate Safety Manager for Kinley Construction. “However, you can never be satisfied with your safety program or rest on your record. Safety requires constant attention, training, and keen awareness to maintain the highest level of performance. Safety is every minute of every day. There are no off days. Our employees and their families literally depend on a safe working environment.”

About Kinley Construction

The Kinley family has been in the oil and gas industry for six generations and over 110 years. Today, Kinley Construction is a premier industrial fueling contractor for the aviation, railroad, government and energy industries, specializing in construction, service and maintenance of midstream terminals, hydrant fueling facilities, bulk storage facilities, diesel fueling platforms, and industrial waste systems as well as service, maintenance and parts for rotating equipment.