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Riverside, CA

March JPA - Bulk Jet Fuel Facility

Bulk Jet Fuel Facility, Truck Offload, Truck Loading

Kinley completed demolition of approximately 10 acres of various Government Buildings, pavement and associated facilities that were used for March ARB Flight Crews. The Bulk Fuel Storage facility was then constructed to include 2 ea. 2,500 BBL API 650 above ground Jet A storage tanks, (2) ea. Jet A Unloading Positions, (2) ea. Jet A Loading Positions, and a Fuel System Pump Pad to include Jet A receipt and issue filtration. The facility also included the installation of a Control Building with a Fuel Lab and Electrical Pump Control room.

The project site work included all new storm drain piping, new fire hydrant water piping, fire foam piping for the Jet A storage tanks, and a concrete storm water collection vault with an Oil Water Separator system for runoff. The entire fuel farm area included the installation of 10” PCC paving, and various concrete equipment pads.

The work also included the relocation of (2) ea. existing 30,000 Gal. Jet A Fuel Storage Tank with associated pumps and filtration equipment.

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