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Kelso, CA

UPRR HDPE Water Services

Installation of Sprinkler System and Underground Infrastructure

Kinley upgraded the existing UPRR irrigation system on both the north and south sides of the existing rail-road track near Kelso, CA. the irrigation system was to protect the Tamarisk trees along a 5-mile stretch of UPRR right-of-way in the Mojave Desert. The irrigation system consisted of sprinkler zones and sprinkler heads.

The project included excavating trenches (approximately 2 feet wide by 5 feet deep) on each side of the tracks, and installing a new 4-inch irrigation line, a new 6-inch water main and new underground electric. Sprinkler heads were installed above grade at 50-foot intervals to ensure a coverage radius of 36-feet at 40 psi.

Installed 12 miles of 8″ underground HDPE Water Main to supply well water to the new irrigation system also installed by Kinley. New irrigation system consisted of 10 miles of 4″ HDPE piping, 20 control valve stations, 1600 sprinkler head risers, and electrical power/ control wiring.

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